Monthly archives: March, 2017

Acne – the boy best friend

Boy with acne sitting with head in hand

Many boys very upset and embaress to have the acne on face because girls not interest in kissing.  But in my world exclusiv I explain why this is exelent sickness for boys.

Plus size shop – no shame


Many ladies embaress to buy clothes from plus shop.  Today I explain why you must be very proud to do this.

Incorrect facebook fotos – the real truth

Old lady

Many ladies and boys change facebook profiles foto to have thin body, long leg, shiny hair and sometimes no brassiere (ladies) – Today I explain why…

Catfish come to village

We are relax thinking this terrible catfish problem is only in europe counties.  But shock  happen when we find catfish in village…nervous peoples look away.

Fat shaming – strange thing

Three fat ladies

In the world there is fat shaming which cause much upsets.  But in village we have opposite.  If you have heavy body I prove why you are especial.