Here is the story about thevillageman which very secret but I can tell so you will know everything

Long time ago I born in beautiful village. My house small but big enough for all family.  In 3 rooms living father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, auntie, uncles x 2, and all the childrens from family.

My 6 sister and 2 brother very naughty and always eat plenty rice so mother work very hard in field all day to bring food for cooking and feeding.  Father force to spend long times to supervise mother and make sure she work correct.

My child time very happy playing with goats and many cow but always I think I can be better than normal village boy. All the peoples in world have problems – sometime in brain and sometime for body and need somebody to listen and solve.

Of course we have doktor in village because we are modern but he not know everything and sometimes make mistake, especially when visit at night after alkohole party.

When I am growing up sisters and brothers coming to me for solve problems with life.  So I become very experiens in problems ​and then other peoples in village come.  Slowly, slowly I become famous in all the villages as wise man. Now I make this websit so you can send problems to me for look with my experiens and see if your way it is correct.

But my village law man say you must click and look at this disclaims explanation for any peoples not happy with my way of solving the problems.

The beeutiful image it belong to Hamed Masoumi and is at this place.