Boy with acne sitting with head in hand

Many boys very upset and embaress to have the acne on face because girls not interest in kissing.  But in my world exclusiv I explain why this is exelent sickness for boys.

thevillageman he say…

If you not understand the acne, I explain….acne is special sickness during the young times that put bad spots on face and make the boy ugly. Sometimes the boy grow older and acne stop, but he is still ugly – I explain this another time.

Most boys with bad acne not want to go to the village because they worried girls and ladies will point and laugh and say “look at boy with ugly face from acne”.  This make deep distressing for boy and sometimes cause brain problem for later.

But the truth it is hiding in the sadness.  The real girls with heart like deep ocean and kind thinking who are super for marriage and babies, they will not see the terrible acne…only the beeuty of the boy inside.  The girls who are laughing are like shallow puddle, only here for short time until rain bring new puddles.

So if you are boy with this problem and you are read my world blog, you can now walk with strong back and understand that the acne is your friend because it will show you who is the honest and deep girl and who is the puddle.  This is especials gift but you must hurry because it disapear when you are older…..I promise.

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