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Acne – the boy best friend

Boy with acne sitting with head in hand

Many boys very upset and embaress to have the acne on face because girls not interest in kissing.  But in my world exclusiv I explain why this is exelent sickness for boys.

Plus size shop – no shame


Many ladies embaress to buy clothes from plus shop.  Today I explain why you must be very proud to do this.

Incorrect facebook fotos – the real truth

Old lady

Many ladies and boys change facebook profiles foto to have thin body, long leg, shiny hair and sometimes no brassiere (ladies) – Today I explain why…

Fat shaming – strange thing

Three fat ladies

In the world there is fat shaming which cause much upsets.  But in village we have opposite.  If you have heavy body I prove why you are especial.

Ladies armpit hairs – the truth

Armpit hairs

I read on BBC websit shock survey which saying that most ladies worried about hairs in armpit. Today I explain why hair in armpit is exelent and super for getting husband.

Vasectimy – ladies revenje become popular


I am shock to discover that ladies revenje is not secret shame any more and many west and europe doktors use this to stop the babies. I even see special vasectimy day for man to voluntere.

I am really fat


Over the last few years I have put on a huge amount of weight. Girls are not interested in me anymore and all the boys at school make fun of me.  I can’t seem to stop eating so it’s getting worse – Fredrik from Oslo

Body shaming come to village

Old ladies

We are always think that new body shaming problem is make by young ladies with bad heart who living life on intanet. But now big shock happen as we find body shame come to village.

I am very ugly


I am an ugly girl and this is making me so unhappy.  Other girls do not want to be my friends and boys are just not interested. Please help. – Ezmerelda from Birmingham (England)

Body dismorfia – I tell you the real fact

Woman contemplating

Many doktor tell you that 1 in 50 peoples suffering from this terrible body dismorfia problem.  But I prove in this shock world blog that true fact is much worse – nervous peoples look away.

Boy finish fast


I have a real problem with premature ejaculation.  It is deeply affecting my marriage and making me miserable. – Frank from Minnesota