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Incorrect special relationship

Madame May and Mr Trump

Dear villageman, I am finding myself strangely drawn to Donald Trump.  This could become a problem for my marriage if unresolved.  Please help.  Theresa from London.

Mr Trump worried about ladies

Mr Trump

Dear villageman, do you think I am attractive to ladies?  Feeling a little insecure at the moment and need your reassurance – Donald from Washington

Acne – the boy best friend

Boy with acne sitting with head in hand

Many boys very upset and embaress to have the acne on face because girls not interest in kissing.  But in my world exclusiv I explain why this is exelent sickness for boys.

Catfish come to village

We are relax thinking this terrible catfish problem is only in europe counties.  But shock  happen when we find catfish in village…nervous peoples look away.

Ladies armpit hairs – the truth

Armpit hairs

I read on BBC websit shock survey which saying that most ladies worried about hairs in armpit. Today I explain why hair in armpit is exelent and super for getting husband.

Vasectimy – ladies revenje become popular


I am shock to discover that ladies revenje is not secret shame any more and many west and europe doktors use this to stop the babies. I even see special vasectimy day for man to voluntere.

I am very ugly


I am an ugly girl and this is making me so unhappy.  Other girls do not want to be my friends and boys are just not interested. Please help. – Ezmerelda from Birmingham (England)

Boy finish fast


I have a real problem with premature ejaculation.  It is deeply affecting my marriage and making me miserable. – Frank from Minnesota