We are relax thinking this terrible catfish problem is only in europe counties.  But shock  happen when we find catfish in village…nervous peoples look away.

thevillageman he say…

If you not understand catfish problem, I explain….Sometimes peoples with bad heart go on intanet and pretending that they look fits or maybe rich, so they can trick man or ladies to be attract and offer marriage or kissing.  I don’t know why but this it is called catfishing (strange name).

With my strong eye for investigate, I find there is one boy in village who is definite catfish.  This idiots he come with family to ask for marriage with super daughter of one honest and correct man.

The boy he is looking very handsome and clean after monthly bath.  Also, he speak in correct way, acting shy but strong and explaining all about his exelent farm in such honest way that everybody believe he have many cows, goats and chickens.  So father agree to allow marriage with his daughter.

After wedding finished and alkohole party become memory in morning mist, the daughter she find out this dream husband not like she think.  He have only a few goats, no cow and all the chickens not healthy like he say before.  Also, he is lazy for working and smell bad from morning to night.  Bath is like old train, sometimes arrive, sometimes not – but always long gap between. The catfish it has now bite this family.

So if you are nothing especial (ugly or too thin) and some boy or girl look beeutiful and rich and fit and dress sharps but is very interest in marry or kiss with you, maybe something is wrong and this is just catfish hiding in the weeds.

The beeutiful image it belong to Pexels and is at this place.