Mark Zukerberg

Mr Zuckerberg tell everybody that fake news is only 1% of things on his websit.  But I become shock to find that the world it is complete full of fake news, even in honest villages with good peoples.

thevillageman he say…

If you not understand fake news, I explain…..Some peoples are writing and saying things which are complete lie and also not true.

After I search all world I find shock truth that fake news it is everywhere. For example, when young thin girl with smooth skin, long leg, shining hair and no brassiere (please see my body shaming story) tell old ugly (but rich) man that she love him and he is excellent in the kissing (even when he have boy finish fast problem), this is definitely fake news.

Many family member also saying fake things like “this blouse not new, I have it in shed for a long time but you not notice” (wife) or “No I not lose any money in poker party last night” (husband) or “what is kissing” (daughter), ekset…ekset.

The politics people, they are expert in the fake news. Most of things they tell the village and world peoples are complete fake. But I explain in later story why they must do this – it not their fault.

Now Mr Zuckerberg he seem very clever man so why he think fake news it is only 1%?  Maybe the news that he is upset about 1% is actually fake news and Mr Zuckerberg never say this.

And that is the real problem……  If the news that there is fake news is true news, then it prove that fake news it is real. But if the news that there is fake news is fake news, then that also prove that fake news is real.  The intanet is very strange place.

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