Madame May and Mr Trump

Dear villageman, I am finding myself strangely drawn to Donald Trump.  This could become a problem for my marriage if unresolved.  Please help.  Theresa from London.

thevillageman he say…

Madame May, this is complete normal problem. Most ladies are attract to Mr Trump like small pin near 50kg magnet.  Of course you not looking like the usual ladies Mr Trump like for kissing but you are president of england so this is maybe really exite for many mens (not me).

You must be strong and resisting this, but still behave in flick hair and blink eye (lady style) so Mr Trump he think you like him in incorrect way. This mean he will then make sure america do super things for england, like allow english peoples to buy american things and maybe go for holiday to spend money in america.

You must trusting my advices that this is the best way, so you can stop anything bad happen.  I am sure wall in atlantic sea would be very bad for england and also scotland (I explain this later…in world exclusiv about Madame Sturgeon).

You can tell Mr May (your husband) that you only pretending to like Mr Trump, to help the england.  He will be very proud of wife and not look too much at emales and facebook.  But you must never, never, ever, ever kiss Mr Trump.  Once he have kiss, the special relation between england and america it will become like one night standing.

Always remember, secret in heart is like bird.  If you allow out of cage, you not know where it will go.

The beeutiful image it belong to British Parliament and is at this place.