Mr Trump and Madame Clinton

Mr Trump he say in news story that Madame Clinton not good example for the ladies because she stay with husband after everybody find out he kissing other lady (or maybe many ladies) in secret.

thevillageman he say…

This is actually very correct example for ladies and I am struggle with understand Mr Trump criticisement.

Madame Clinton husband he is completely normal man.  As long as he bring good money to the house, treat wife very kind (only strict correcting sometimes for big mistake – and then very gentle), not drink alkohole too much, never play poker with friends more than 2 times each week, and make many strong babies, what is problem?

I think Mr Trump he jelous because he like Madame Clinton (in wrong way) and she not interested because she is super wife.  Instead of critisise he should become president partner with Madame Clinton and both can leading America together.  For this we can make new name – the Clump presidency.

The beeutiful image it belong to Rich Girard and is at this place.