Mr Trump

Dear villageman, do you think I am attractive to ladies?  Feeling a little insecure at the moment and need your reassurance – Donald from Washington

thevillageman he say…

This problem sometimes happening when man he have achieve everything and he worry maybe ladies only want to kissing him because he have plenty money, or he is only have respect as leader of village because he is good with telling things which are not true and making big promise he know impossible to do.

With my strong investigate eye, I look at everything and I can give you special advices about this…peoples who not like Mr Trump must look away now….

This silly worry is not true.  You are very attractive and beeutiful man with silk hairs and smooth face and the ladies they are wanting to kiss you because of this, the money it is not important. Also, you are good leader of village because of honest heart and kind character, especials to people who are suffer from fat shaming, acne or body dismorfia.

So now you can walk with strong and straight back and know that this worry it is not correct and other peoples say bad things because they are jelous in the heart.

The beeutiful image it belong to Gage Skidmore and is at this place.