Many ladies embaress to buy clothes from plus shop.  Today I explain why you must be very proud to do this.

thevillageman he say…

In this world there are many plus size shop.  If you not understand plus size shop, I explain…. this kind of shop sell clothes for ladies who are more fat than the size of lady most europe and america peoples think is nice size.

But we know that europe and america peoples complete stupid and not understand the beeuty of correct size lady.  West ladies always spending long time looking in mirror and turning left and then right and then still decide to go out with not good look.  This bring shame to husband and father.

I find one new shop in village which sell plus size from 38 up to sky and I give super complimen to owner.  This show that lady above size 38 is the correct size for marriage and work on farm.  The thin lady with long leg is never succeed with love.

So I prove that if you are heavy lady but still less than size 38, you must be very proud and walk with bouncing step because you know this is correct size and you will be success.

You must remember that one mans donkey is other mans race horse.

The beeutiful image it belong to Skyangel and is at this place.